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who am I?

After more than a decade working for various architecture firms as an interior- and graphic designer, I decided to follow my gut feeling and shift my career to photography. In the end it was something that I have always been passionate about and supports my graphic work. 

In my opinion, anyone can be a photographer, the acquisition of a decent device does not make the difference. 
For me, photography is about rhythm, texture, light, composition, ..., the sense of vision. It's either knowing in advance what you want, or letting yourself be carried away by the moment and capture it in its purest form. 

It’s standing still, slowing down, being aware of your surroundings. It’s taking nothing for granted, letting nothing pass you by unnoticed, letting yourself be surprised again and again, it's looking with new eyes, something you've seen a hundreds of times. It’s allowing yourself to be amazed.

Thanks to my architectural background, I dedicate a large part of my love to photography into capturing the aforementioned.

what do I do?

I support businesses to develop their unique visual identity and branding, in a careful, catered process accompanied with photography and graphic design.

No matter which way you twist or turn it, social media has become an integral part of the business world. It’s a key communication tool to share with your current and potential customers what you are doing so you can increase their interest in your product or service.

In order to put yourself on the map as an SME, freelance, or creative business, having a well thought-out brand is essential, as well as accessing a constant stream of images to address the ever-growing demand of visuals. I am looking forward to helping you achieve these goals.


2022 -          ~ brand ambassador of TSE imaging
2022 -          ~ curator "belgium.spc" on instagram
2022 -          ~ curator "bnw_of_our_world" on instagram
2022 -          ~ tutor interiordesign, id&a, Thomas More, Mechelen
2021 -          ~ establishment Gill Bruggeman / photography & graphic design / founder
2018 - 2019 ~ LOW architects, Antwerp / interior- & graphic design
2017 - 2018 ~ infunctievan / FOCUS images / visualisation, interior- & graphic design
2012 - 2017 ~ HUB architects, Antwerp / interior- & graphical design
2011 - 2012 ~ infunctievan / FOCUS images / interior-, furniture- & graphic design
2008 - 2012 ~ awg architects, Antwerp / interior architect
2008 - 2019 ~ establishment Gill Bruggeman Ontwerpstudio / interior-, furniture- & graphic design / founder
2005 - 2008 ~ Katholieke Hogeschool Mechelen, Lucas FaydHerbe / Cum-laude Bachelor's degree, Interior design
2003 - 2005 ~ Academy of visual arts, Mortsel
2001 - 2005 ~ St-Maria, Antwerp / Advertising and graphic design


2023               ~ Solo show at Circuit, Nieuw Zuid 'STADSBERGEN', 1/6 - 31/8
                       ~ Solo show at Kavka, Oudaan 'VLOEIBAAR', 3/5 - 24/5
                       ~ Group show "LABO ENZOo" for Het Labo, Genk, 11/2 - 28/5                                       

2022               ~ Winner contest “Mijn beeld jullie logo”, Breedbeeld
                       ~ Highlighted several times by Zanzibar Tigers, Breedbeeld, Photo Conversa, Photofest, bnw_of_our_world,
                          Bunker Gallery, belgium.spc, ...


2023               Article about 'Stadsbergen' in BAS, 06/06/2023
                       Interview about 'Stadsbergen' in Gazet van Antwerpen, 24/05/2023

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